Tax “Doctor” Offering 2nd Opinions to Professional Athletes

December 3rd, 2010 Off

Dr. John Karaffa, owner of ProSport CPA and a college professor, is offering professional athletes free tax check-ups. These comprehensive reviews are simple, effective, and often result in uncovering additional refunds.

Many good tax accountants are available; however, finding good tax accountants who focus on serving professional athletes is tough. Professional athletes face unique tax circumstances that require specialized knowledge in several key areas:

–       Sports-specific deductions,

–       Various types and sources of income, and

–       Multiple city, state, and foreign tax complexities.

In the same way you consult a doctor for a second opinion to have more confidence in your diagnosis; tax check-ups give you more peace of mind and possibly gain you money.

For more information or to speak with a tax professional, please call Dr. Karaffa at (804) 363-9684 or visit us at

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