The things that mean the most to you mean the most to us.

Your money is important to you, so it’s important to us. You want to take care of your family, and we want you to have the resources available to make that happen. A secure financial future is your goal, and we can help provide that. Expert tax preparation means that you know you are following the law while paying the lowest legal amount of tax possible. At ProSport CPA, we’ve made it our business to be the best in this business.


Expert tax, accounting, and financial education services exclusively for pro athletes.

Team with unique understanding of professional sports, led by Dr. John Karaffa, former professional basketball player.

Dedication to clients’ financial condition and literacy.

Staff with extensive knowledge in foreign tax laws and complexities of professional athletes playing in multiple states and/or countries.

Comprehensive, professional assistance with estate, trust, gift, charity, partnership, and corporate taxes.