Tax Accountant for Actors, Comedians, and Models

We have experience in making you shine

As tax accountants in the entertainment industry, we know how to keep your taxes looking good. While you’re making moves in Nashville, Hollywood, Broadway, on the runway, or posing for the camera, we’ve got your back in the financial sphere. We provide services like tax return preparation, accounting, bill-pay, budgeting, and financial education.

We’re the best at what we do so you can be the best at what you do.SM


Tax Accountant for the multi-talented

Wherever your career takes you, the same skills that helped you become a star are carrying you through to the next stage.

We apply our suite of multi-talented tax and accounting skills to your financial needs. Our expertise makes us the go-to accounting firm for talented players across the sports and entertainment industries.


Uniquely skilled in tax preparation for entertainers

We have experience in helping you with your unique financial challenges. We have years of expertise in income streams that cross state and country borders. We know how to navigate employed, self-employed, and contracted professional statuses.

We don’t just have an assortment of the basic skills that come with setting you up for financial success. We have all the skills involved, having dealt with talent from across the sports and entertainment industry for decades.