Tax Accountant for Musicians

We’re bold like you

Music may be a hobby project for some. That’s not you, though. For you, it’s your livelihood, your passion that you fully immerse yourself into.

ProSport CPA supports musicians like you. As entertainment tax accountants, our company is the tax firm for high-performers. It’s for DJs, producers, and artists who are pushing boundaries to become the best at what they do while we crunch the numbers for them.


We handle taxes for the music industry

As a musician, your income looks a lot different than your average accountant may have familiarity with. There are special tax deductions and unique circumstances.

We have experience in preparing taxes for income made in multiple states and internationally. We also provide other financial services like accounting and budgeting to help you save money.


Protecting your fortune while you pursue fame

Because the entertainment industry is our niche, we’re not star-struck by well-known recording artists and producers.

We’re the best at what we do so you can be the best at what you do.SM